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Accept Credit Cards Online

Selling online has great potential. If you wish to sell online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, fully automated, you have come to the right place.

Solution: PayPal

For many websites PayPal Online payment processing is the solution that makes most sense.

We can help you set up a free PayPal account that can receive credit card payments online, in real time, and deposit receipts directly into your bank account. There is no monthly fee for the PayPal account either. You only pay a very reasonable low percentage for each credit card transaction. See information on the the PayPal site for details.

Webtong can help you set up the PayPal account, which you control completely once set up. And Webtong can integrate your PayPal account with your website so you can do e-commerce right away.

The cost for setting all this up is very reasonable and depends on your website situation. This one-time expense can be as low as several hundred dollars. We will give you an estimate of the cost for the work customized to your needs in advance.

Solution: Merchant Account

The PayPal solution does not give you all the flexibility and credit card processing features of a full-fledged online Merchant Account. If you need an online Merchant Account, we also have a great deal for you.